Cold formed parts


Flaig + Hommel-cold formed parts

The economical alternative to turned parts!

These days, precision parts for the automotive industry, aviation and mechanical engineering are under continuous pricing pressure. With a view of noticeable cost-savings compared to the classical turned parts manufacturing, Flaig + Hommel perfected the cold forming technique and so offered completely new prospects for the cost-conscious buyer. Depending on batch size and component, notable cost-savings can be achieved on batches starting from 100.000 pieces. The technique is suitable for a number of steels, constructional steels, specialist steels, stainless steels as well as heat resistant steels, aluminium and copper.


Greatest precision:

Even for precision-parts with a tolerance of up to 0.025 mm in diameter and up to 0.2 mm in length the Flaig + Hommel cold forming technique is highly suitable.



  • Nuts
  • Sealing plugs
  • Threaded anchor plates
  • Tubes
  • Hulls
  • Connectors
  • Conical parts
  • Excentric parts
  • Square parts
  • Cogwheels
  • Welding parts



  • The Flaig + Hommel cold forming technique saves up to 25 % on cost, compared to classic turned parts manufacturing.
  • Optimum advantages can be achieved on batch sizes of 100.000 pieces or more.
  • Highest flexibility as far as choice of material and shaping are concerned are our forte.



  • 14 ultra-modern cold forming presses are the basis for adherence to delivery dates even on highest batch sizes.
  • Decades of experience on the part of our technicians and operators combined with a consistent quality assurance system spell success for you.



Our ultra-modern design department works with the CAD-software ProEngineer which is compatible with CATIA, the other software used by the automotive industry. This means that we can often do without time-consuming project discussions. It is often enough, to send us a draft with your relevant product-data which our team will then analyse and from which we will develop the engineering drawing of the product – inclusive of the appropriate production method. The proposals are being presented via electronic data interchange and final results can be put into practice in very little time. 



The early utilisation of the achievement potential of all partners involved in the early stages of the development process of a new product gains more and more importance.
Whereas the supplier used to not get involved in the innovation-process until after the actual contract has been awarded, our team today places great importance on the suppliers’ involvement in the process right from the start of a project.
This allows us to exploit the full optimisation-potential where choice of material and production process is concerned.
Starting from the development-phase, our team creates close-to-production prototypes suitable for endurance testing in real terms.
The result is: An accelerated innovation process in conjunction with reduced costs.






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