Small- and medium batch production of turned and milled parts is a strategically important department of the company Flaig + Hommel; one which we, since the take-over of the Weiss GmbH in 1997, work and expand with great enthusiasm.

Our competent team, consisting of approximately 10 machining specialists, offers the kind of values and support usually only known from large-volume productions.

Intensive advice from the early stages of the development process of your products, individual project monitoring and highest quality without compromise are our key factors for your success.

Continuous investment in our manufacturing plant and the professional qualifications of our employees guarantee a reliable and efficient partnership - now and in future.


The production of small- and medium batches of turned and milled parts is starting at 20.000 pieces each year. The feeding of the machines is automatic to reach an economical production. The size of turned parts is up to 65 mm in diameter. The size of milled parts is up to 150 mm in edge length.

Milled parts:

Milled parts can be produced economically from an annual quantity of 20,000 pieces. The blanks are fed by robots, ensuring fully automatic production. The machines are designed for component dimensions with an edge length of up to 150 mm.


Dimensioned for the manufacture of small and medium batch sizes, our machinery offers optimum conditions for the development and production of prototypes and pilot series.


Quality is at the root of our success. New, state-of-the-art, testing facilities and the personal involvement of our employees offer you the reliability you expect for your precision parts. Depending on durability requirements and specifications, we have the whole range of heat treatment and surface refinements at our disposal. 


Flexibility, speed and the meeting of agreed delivery dates are vital for the batch production and a matter of course for us. Hereby, excellent value for money always takes centre stage.