Our suppliers are important!

We foster a positive, trustful and friendly relationship with our suppliers.

Within our supply chain delivery performance and quality are our top goals. Due to this our commitment to the customer is to produce parts at the desired time, on demand and to deliver high quality products. As our supplier, you make a significant contribution to this. Therefore a relationship with Flaig+Hommel means reliable perspectives for growth, a systematic development of the business relationship on both sides and a reliable collaboration. By that we follow our aim for a long-lasting and sustainable connection – at any time.

We would like to get to know whether you match with your service to us as a partner for a strong connection. For a trouble-free and uncomplicated process-flow you’ll find important information to get in touch with us as follows.


Raw materials
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals as round, band and coil materials
Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

Working materials and supplies
Lubricants and coolant for machining and cold forming processes
Chemicals for cleaning, degreasing and conservation of metal parts
Other supplies like packing materials, foils for dispatching

Metal, steel and plastic parts
Semi-finished goods, pre-stage materials, plastic inserts

Wage labor and external processing
Machining for small and mid-sized series
Sorting and quality assurance


Please always send us your inquiry in written from along with our required documents and your certifications.

For a persistent quality- and value-oriented supply chain, at least we expect quality management systems and delivery of goods as follows:

ISO 9001, ISO14001, VDA, First-in First-out, traceability of goods