FS-Vario-Lock® All-Steel Thread-Lock

The variable thread lock for special and standard screws

The thread lock FS-Vario-Lock® is a variable special thread that can be used in a very flexible and versatile way to secure screw threads. It can be applied both in the production of special screws and bolts with external thread and on any screw provided by the customer.

The braking torque, based on DIN EN ISO 2320, can be set individually according to customer requirements.


The FS-Vario-Lock® thread lock can be applied individually and variably on the thread as needed.


  • Absolutely accurate positioning and individually adjustable locking torque
  • Varying positions are possible
  • No damage caused to the counter thread
  • Locking torques according to DIN EN ISO 2320 and DIN 267 - 28
  • Complies with breakaway torque according to DIN 267 - 27
  • Can also be screwed on to steel and cast iron material
  • Insusceptible to high temperatures
  • No need of smudgy gluing when fixing the screws
  • Thread does not require extra clean surface
  • Fits on all common surfaces


  • Stud hole and straight screw joints of any kind
  • Automotive and vehicle construction, construction machinery, hoisting equipment, machine construction, etc.
  • Threaded rods
  • Devices exposed to vibrations, heat or coldness, such as centrifuges in the industry and medical engineering
  • All types of jointing exposed to high dynamic forces


The locking effect is achieved through parallel displacement of the thread flanks at 360° of the screw thread. The thread play is eliminated from the screw joints at this point in the counter thread, which results in a locking effect.

The Vario-Lock® thread grips the counter thread flanks firmly. The Vario-Lock thread flank acts like a spring, producing thus the locking torque as specified by DIN 2320.


The tightening torque of the screw with FS-Vario-Lock® increases according to the adjusted clamping torque. The clamping torque of FS-Vario-Lock® is therefore added to the tightening torque of your fastening application.


In order to achieve an optimal clamping effect, the hardness of the screw should be always slower than the hardness of the application or the hardness of the counter thread.

If the thread tolerances have a bigger deviation than FS-Vario-Lock®, lower clamping torques could be occurring by case.

For an optimum connection, the FS Vario-Lock® all-steel thread-lock must be tailored to your needs.

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