We manufacture and supply Lock-Nuts according to DIN specifications and individual requirements, in sizes M4 to M110 from a variety of materials. For extreme-strain applications we recommend our FS® All-Steel Lock-Nut.



The new FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nuts Economic and Ultra-Light are the solution to all applications where light, safe and high temperature resistance are required.

The new lock-nuts offer optimum safety even under dynamic loads and thus are ideal for application in the automotive-, aerospace-, wind energy- and bridge building industry.

Due to their small width across flats, a further weight reduction has been achieved in the Ultra-Light version, which makes a valuable contribution to CO2-emission reduction.

The FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nuts Economic and Ultra-Light are one-part all-steel locking systems. The innovative principle insures that the clearance commonly seen in traditional screwed connections is removed.


The tightening torque of the screw with FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nut increases according to the adjusted clamping torque. The clamping torque of FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nut is therefore added to the tightening torque of your fastening application.

It is comparable to the effect that can be observed between a nut and a bolt when a pre-stressed nut is tightened.

The clever thing about it is, that the locking effect continues working even when tightened. The flank surfaces operate like a pressure spring against the thread direction of the bolt. This results in an all around safety-effect comparable to the effect a brake caliper has in a disc brake.

The thread flanks of the bolt are enveloped on the whole 360° by the FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nut. The FS®-E All-Steel Lock-Nut Economic and Ultra-Light are available with and without flange. Upon request they can also be supplied with movable flange or with FS®-UltraLock®-anti-rotation lock


  • One-part lock-nut especially designed for the automotive industry and related applications
  • Available in steel grade 8, 10, 12, 04, 05 and stainless steel grade A2, A4
  • Innovative operating principle with active locking effect – even when tightened.
  • Cost-effective solution for high-volume applications.
  • All-around safety effect similar to a disc brake effect.
  • Prevailing torque and mechanical properties according to DIN EN ISO 2320.
  • 360° locking effect – evenly distributed surface pressure, therefore very low seizing tendency on application.

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