At Flaig + Hommel GmbH we manufactures cold-formed parts, all-steel lock-nuts, special nuts and fasteners at our own construction department. Besides our wide spectrum of weight-reduced screw-plugs and lock-nuts we offer a wide assortment of special, patented fasteners for light weight constructions. The sample and prototype production takes place with the help of our state of the art machinery in our machining department.

We manufacture nuts in the DIN dimensions M5 to M110.

Cold forged parts can be manufactured in sizes up 90mm in diameter and 240mm in length.

More than 70% of weight reduction with the newly developed screw plugs according to DIN 908/910 Type L.

The variable thread lock for special and standard screws.

We manufacture turned parts in diameters up to 63mm and up to 150mm in length, in batch sizes from 500 to 50,000 pieces.

Flaig + Hommel continuously comes up with new and useful applications for the fastening sector.

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