Company Guidelines

Our company policy is geared towards business results that safeguard the stability of the Flaig + Hommel Group in the long run. Maintaining a strong customer focus, the consistent involvement of our employees and observing our social responsibilities and values is hereby imperative.

Our customers’ interests and the safe and considerate use of natural resources are at the forefront of our thoughts and actions. The effects of our doing and of our visions on the environment are regularly reviewed and monitored and continuously improved.

The implementation of our environmental management system supports the participation of all employees involved in the value-added process. The protection of the environment as a collective responsibility is illustrated by Flaig+Hommel’s environmental policy.

As a result of continuous improvements and the learning from mistakes, we are striving for a zero defect program in the long term.

The use of state of the art manufacturing technologies and suitable materials minimises any possible risks for the environment, our clients, suppliers and employees.

A high degree of quality awareness is being backed by ongoing and comprehensive training through our management system.

We don’t tolerate any kind of forced labour, work by minors under the age of 15 years old, work by people held prisoners as well as work under inhumane circumstances. Furthermore we will not tolerate any kind of sexual harassment and physical or psychological pressure. Other criminal facts such as blackmail, fraud or corruption will not be supported or initiated.

Employees will only be measured by their job performance regardless of their origin, race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Our suppliers are obligated to adhere to the same principles.

Quality Policy



The fundamental responsibility for quality and product safety is the responsibility of the management. They decide upon the quality policy and targets and initiate strategies for the achievements of those goals. Any thereby necessary financial and human resources will be supplied. In order to satisfy the continuously increasing market demands, our quality policy combines corporate, product-related and higher-ranking targets. These are worked out by the management team at the beginning of the year and permanently reviewed and published on a noticeboard for every employee to see. It is the quality principle of the Flaig + Hommel Group to continuously improve processes through the ideas and actions of all employees in order to satisfy the requirements and wishes of our customers. This is achieved by so called CIP (continuous improvement process) projects. The progress and results of these projects are visualised and published on the information boards for all employees to see.


The F+H Group’s company policy is devised by the management team. It is regularly reviewed concerning adequacy and efficiency as part of the management review and where necessary revised.

It takes into account customer expectations and requirements, their fulfilment and safeguarding. It also oversees the introduction, implementation and upkeep of all legal requirements and those stated by our QM-system.

This includes the commitment for the fulfilment of the stated requirements on all levels as well as their continuous improvement. This forms the framework for the definition and review of the company and quality aims.

They serve as a guideline for all employees to carry out their job. It is the management team’s responsibility to publicise, make understood and implement the company policy in all F+H branches.


The company management is responsible for the cooperation with the management team in order to set company goals as well as their periodical review and update. It supervises and assesses the achievements of the set and regularly updates goals of the group, and so maintains the efficiency of the management system.



Flaig + Hommel is extremely innovative in the cold-forging and lock-nut sector and holds numerous patents. Within the framework of Simultaneous Engineering (SE) our construction department develops products according to customer specification. Applying the finite elements method (FEM) and working with Pro Engineer, ideas turn into cold-forgeable components.

First tests of the tools developed in our own tool shop are carried out on test presses. If necessary, the tools may then be modified and improved. Press-tests with different materials (i.e. steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals…) are carried out and tool life is continuously tested. Challenge us and we’ll show you what cold-forging can do.