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Flaig + Hommel GmbH is an innovative company with a long-standing tradition in the cold forming sector. Our main focus is the fastening technology. Our headquarters are in Aldingen, Germany, where we manufacture complex cold formed parts as well as nuts, screw plugs and machined parts. The patented FS All-Steel Lock-Nut has been developed with extreme applications regarding temperature, vibration and environment in mind.

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The Flaig + Hommel perfected cold forming method lends itself to a variety of materials, styles and products. For requirements beyond the ones listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team...


Turned and milled parts for small-, medium and large production runs are a strategically important division of Flaig + Hommel. We are well equipped to handle any kind of steel, stainless steel, special purpose steel as well as non-ferrous metals. Our machine park is designed in a way to reliably manufacture to tolerances of up to two hundredths of a millimetre...


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Flaig+Hommel stellt auf der Fastener Fair 2019 aus!

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Wir haben unseren Messekalender aktualisiert!

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Flaig+Hommel unterstützt Studentenverein Racing Team e.V. beim Konstruktionswettbewerb Formula Student der Saison 2018.

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Your Requirement

“Connectors for metal foam sandwich panels“

Our Solution

“The FoamConnectors are easy to fit and extremely versatile.“

Your Requirement

“Reliable screwed connections under extreme stresses such as high / low temperature, strong vibrations and aggressive environment“

Our Solution

“All-Steel Lock-Nuts in one or two-piece design.“